American Athletic Shoe Ice Force Hockey Skates Review

With so many new companies claiming to have the best ice skates, it can be hard for the buyer to choose which one is the best for them. The thing is you don’t have to settle for an unfamiliar brand just because of what they claim. More than half the time advertisements are meant to trick the buyer and not inform with facts.

There are questions you should ask yourself when looking at ice skate brands. How much am I willing to spend on ice skates? How often will I use the ice skates? Do I choose the most expensive brand?

All these questions will rush through your head while you are looking at your options. Let me provide an easy solution.

You have the option to put your trust in a company that has produced ice skates since the 1950’s. American Athletic Shoe skates can be found on the best rinks around the world. This means you can put your trust in American Athletic Shoe.

If you have ever rented skates from an ice rink, you have most likely rented American Athletic Shoe skates. These skates are a staple for any skater at any level.

The skates reviewed below are targeted towards hockey players, but they can be worn recreationally as well.

American Athletic Shoe Men's Ice Force Hockey Skates


About The Product

American Athletic Shoe’s Ice Hockey Skates are an excellent buy for the person who needs simple skates for recreational use. For under $100, these skates can be yours. In the skating world, this price is a steal for the high-quality product you would be receiving.


  • Functions both Indoors & Outdoors
  • Sizing is true to shoe size
  • Moisture resistant lining to ensure comfort and easy break-in

Nowadays it’s become harder and harder to find something simple. Simple ice skates are hard to come by because additional features are seen as a plus. These additional features are the reason for the significant price increase of ice skates.

American Athletic Shoe has been around for a long time to know what people truly want. People want a simple ice skate that allows them to have their fun on the ice.

Buyer Experience

Based on positive reviews, American Athletic Shoe Ice Hockey Skates are worth the investment. These skates are truly an American classic.

American Athletic Shoe Men's Ice Force Hockey Skates


Most users recommend breaking the skates in before going on the ice because blisters are common. To prevent blisters, you can wear super thick socks that act as a cushion between your feet and the boot. When the skates start digging into your ankle, you’ll be happy you wore thick socks.

Usually, the skate’s blades come dull, which forces the buyer to pay extra for sharpening. Based on buyers reviews, the blades on this ice skate comes fairly sharp. This makes the additional sharpening unnecessary, saving you a couple of bucks.

Now sizing is a separate issue altogether. Each skate has separate sizings, but American Athletic Shoe has made it exceptionally easy for the buyer. The shoe size you currently wear is the shoe size you should order your skates.

Personally, these skates work so well because of their versatility. The Ice Force Skates function both indoors and outdoors. For an impromptu ice hockey match on a pond, these skates will perform wonderfully.

In general, most buyers rave about the high-quality of the Ice Force Skates as well as the low price. Charging under $100, American Athletic Shoe makes sure the user is left satisfied with their purchase.

Buying Advice

If buying ice skates is foreign to you, don’t fret. Keep on reading for tips on what to look for when buying a pair of ice skates.

First pay attention to the inner lining of the ice skate. The American Athletic Shoe’s multi-layered construction provides proper ankle support. The Ice Force Hockey Skates also comes with excess padding that provides further ankle stability.

An advanced skater doesn’t need excess padding, but it does make the boot more comfortable. For a beginner, excess padding comes in handy because it allows an easy break-in. It also prevents any severe injuries.

Where To Buy?

You can buy the American Athletic Shoe Ice Force Hockey Skates from the manufacturer’s official website. For better deals, you may want to check out Amazon. In fact, Amazon’s speedy shipping is a reason why buyers prefer ordering from this third party website.

I wouldn’t recommend buying the ice skates from a third party store. You will notice a significant price difference between buying from Amazon and buying from retailers. Save your money and shop online.

The only perk from buying from a third party retailer is your advantage of trying on the ice skates in store. You see what you are buying, which alleviates any doubts you may have about the skates. However, there is enough information above for you to make your choice.

Typically, you have to round down a size and a half for a proper fit. American Athletic Shoes designed their product so sizing down isn’t necessary. The shoe size you normally wear is the shoe size you should order.

Make note that the skates do not come with blade covers. If you want to properly maintain the blades on your ice skates, buying some blade covers will go a long way. They aren’t expensive, so it’s highly advisable to add the accessory to your cart.

American Athletic Shoe Men's Ice Force Hockey Skates


Figuring skating with hockey ice skates is a bad idea. Toe picks are a commonly found item on figure ice skates but aren’t seen on hockey ice skates. The toe picks would cause a hockey player to lose their balance on the ice. It’s important to know what you will use the ice skates for.

My Verdict

For a solid hockey game, the American Athletic Shoe Ice Hockey Skates will perform. These skates complement the talent you bring to the ice.

Recreational use of these skates will improve your ice skating capabilities. Since they function both indoors and outdoors, the options of where to skate are endless. If you need durable and versatile skates, these skates are your go to product.

Our Rating

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