Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet

The lifelong issue for wider feet, will these shoes or skates fit? Such a simple issue, but as a wide footed gal myself, it is actually big issue! Sizing up does not help, every shoe, especially sport shoes & skates, are very different.

With a sport like hockey, your skates need to support you in every way possible! Regardless of the width of your feet. 

best hockey skates for wide feet

Whether you are a staking virgin, a half doer or full time professional, no one is immune to those painful blisters. Breaking in shoes is a hurtful process that doesn’t seem to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Purgatory, if you will. 

Manufacturers are adapting for the flatter feet every single day. With their advanced technology, they are identifying possibilities to improve their skates daily.

With premium-grade steel blades to lightweight padding for comfort, there are thousands and thousands of ways that shoes can be altered. 

Start with a shoe that fits, everything else will fall into place. 

Product NameFeatureCheck Pricing
3 fit-system
Quad profile

Not top line
CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro Pros:
TotalDri Pro Liner with DuraZone
Custom size tongue
UltraLite Custom Footbed

Premium price
Bauer Supreme S37Pros:
Fiber Composite boot
Two-piece Tongue
Wider Foot Options

Entry level model
CCM Jetspeed FT4 ProPros:
Wide range of choices
TotalDri Pro and Memory Foam pad
Custom size tongue

Not as advanced as the others
UltraLite Custom Footbed



These skates are advertised as senior skates — this just means that these stakes are for the pros. Bauer were the of the first stake companies that developed technology to adapt for wider feet.

This supreme 3S pro is offering their new performance ft system alongside a 3D curv composite boot that is light in weight, completely thermoformable and still giving plays the ability to stretch.

Also equipped with an asymmetrical toe cap and added stiffness in the bottom section of the shoe- this will ass to the stability and help to deliver straight line speed.

Improving foot stability is perfect for increasing your knee bend-ability for even better stride length. Bauer has also supplied the stakes with classic pro tongue with a molded insert that created a customizes fit for your foot!

It also contains a premium LS pulse blade with the highest mirror finish – this blade also has an increased height and a new power profile, which helps the player gain speed and have a more powerful stride. 

To help with every aspect of the foot, Bauer has identified a power profile known as the quad profile. The blade is designed with four zones that are a placed and created for a set purpose and to improve performances.

  • The first one is located at the toe, this is shaped to improve acceleration. As the  hockey player begins their stride, the weight will shift over to the top of the toes, cresting momentum. 
  • The second ‘zone’ is the transition zone—this sits alongside a nine foot radius. This assist with players shifting from fast acceleration to slower strides.
  •  The third zone is dedicated to speed. Spanning out for an eleven foot radius, the player will now be able to maximize their blade along the ice for even faster staking. 
  • The fourth zone, located at the heel of the blade, that i placed for increased stability. This spans over thirteen foot—the longest part of the blade. This is in order too provide balance, especially when drifting. 

Bauer has also introduced a top of the range performance fit systems! This has been designed for players with super high demands. Firstly, there is a lockfit liner, perfect for battling the moisture and keeping your feet dry!

They have also implemented a ‘lightspeed edge with an LS pulse blade, this addition makes it super easy to switch blades over. Plus, with the LS pulse blade, they complement each other really well.

Also packed with a 3 lasted curv composite construction, this curv composite is designed to be strong durable and still lightweight! Bauer is also known for the unique take on wider feet sizes. With a 3-fit system, Bauer fit 1- for most narrow of feet that require less volume, volume meaning the space between ankle and heel.

Bauer fit 2- with medium volume and medium width. And finally, Bauer fit 3—for wider feet, with the widest volume. 


  • 3- fit system. With their 3-fit system being the new EE sizing, Bauer is acknowledging that wide shoes need more than just wider soles. By making sure the width of the sole, mirrors the width of the boot as a whole.
  • Quad Profile. The quad profile is identifying the four zones of skating and supporting you each time, this is a perfect way on improving your performance.


  • Not top line. These skates are not considered the top of the line skates. They are considered the lower end of the list. 

CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro 

CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro

Now, these skates are the pro of stakes. With the next generation of functions, these skates look great. These are pro shoes for a pro athlete. With anatomical form fitting design, your feet, heel, and ankles are going to be completely supported. Staying with the support vibe, these shoes are consistent, with their one-piece MonoFrame boot.

This is created for keeping speed and performance consistent. The MonoFrame is helping direct energy throughout the boot.  With an interchangeable XS tongue, you are able to switch out for thick or thinner depending on your needs, CCM has your back. 

The Total Dri Pro Liner is going to keep your feet completely dry from both sweat and the ice.  Alongside the CCM’s DuraZone abrasion pads which help keep the sole liner alive for much longer.

This is ideal for players who wear shin protectors, as with the addition padding they won’t wear as quickly.  CCM has also placed a UltraLite custom support foot bed which you are able to bundle up foot beds in order to ensure that you will support your arch, whether it is flat, medium, or high. 

Sizing with CCM comes in three different fits, set with the chooseable tongues. The first custom one is 4 mm, which will create the most volume and allow thicker feet to fit. The second is 7 mm for a medium fit and then finally the 10 mm fit, perfect for smaller, daintier feet.

Another fantastic addition to this blade is that it has a Speedblade XS holder with  XS1 black runner. CCM has improved on the spring-lock system with the new SpeedBlade Xchange system, a lock mechanism that secures the blade to the holder and makes it easier to swap the blades while keeping them secure when they are placed.

Also, the CCM Speedblade XS1 black runner has been oxidized for longer lasting edges and an extra bit of bite on the ice. This blade is constructed to be stronger and last longer than other runners.  


  • TotalDri Pro Liner with DuraZone.  The inside section of the foot is perfectly crafted to help keep your feet dry and comfortable while on the ice. 
  • Custom size tongue. With an interchangeable shoe tongue, you can shape the boot to your liking.
  • UltraLite Custom Footbed. You are able to bundle up footbeds in order to ensure that you will support your arch, whether it is flat, medium, or high. 


  •  Premium price.  As the AS3 comes in as a premium skate, they are with the premium price tag. 

Bauer Supreme S37

Bauer Supreme S37

This skate is ideal for a skilled player on a budget. These are an entry skate, the perfect Xmas present for someone who is trying hockey out as a new sport and isn’t comfortable splurging the cash. The skate consists of a fiber composite boot which will enable the player to flex freely.

Being able to have complete range of motion in a skate is ideal for a new stake, especially if the wearer isn’t completely aware on how to break in their stakes. The ankle padding is also made out of memory form for that added comfort, it is also lightweight! WIN!

The tongue is a two piece tongue made out of a mid-density foam that is protective enough while not being too heavy for a new starter. The second piece of the tongue is a metatarsal guard for extra protection and flexibility. The TUUK Lightspeed Edge holder, which makes for easy change over of blades.

It is, however, worth noting that the original  blades are just standard stainless steel blades, so they will not last as long, they are still equipped with Bauer’s holders which is great considering they are cheaper.

You are still guaranteed high standard comfort with this budget skates, memory foam lining throughout the boot and a moisture wicking liner with anti abrasion pads, the wear-ability will stay consistent throughout all Bauer products. 


  • Fiber Composite boot. A cheaper material than some other skates but still able to support you while you skate.
  • Two-piece Tongue. Injuries are common, especially with a high contact sport like hockey. Having that extra support is ideal for a new starter. 
  • Wider Foot Options. Bauer is well known for wider shoes options, while the cheaper models aren’t equipped with the 3-fit system, they still however offer an EE size.


  • Entry level model. While you are saving money with this cheap model, these boots are not as lightweight as the more expensive ones, perfect for a starter but for a pro it may be worth looking at the higher end ones. 

CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro

 CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro

Another CCM contestant, the Jetspeed comes in a range of types: Junior, Intermediate and Pro. Jetspeed is the perfect ‘middle ground’ of shoes, not overly pricey or expensive. Fitted with a one piece boot speed quarter package for a closer fit. They also offer 3 different fit sizes – tapered, regular or wide fit.

This allows for a most customized, closer fit. Also equipped with TotalDri Pro + liner to control moisture while supplying comfort. The memory foam padding spread through the boot for even more comfort.

CCM has also placed a UltraLite custom support foot bed which you are able to bundle up foot beds in order to ensure that you will support your arch, whether it is flat, medium, or high. 

 Also, CCM had also placed the interchangeable custom fit tongue as seen in the Super Tack above. Additionally equipped with the usual Speedblade XS Holder and a STEP Blacksteel runner, the holder will offer a quick change of blade.

The STEP Blacksteel blade is carbon coated technology for a better connection to the ice. 

The FT4 also had a feature of toe cap. The helps reduce the volume of the skate – this will help players that need a low profile fit to play their very best. The cap also with help push – off time. 


  • Range. This skate offers so much of a range of choices, in both style and size of the skates. The perfect middle ground.
  • TotalDri Pro and Memory Foam pad. With both a drying mat and memory foam, the moisture from both your feet and the ice alongside memory for extra comfort.
  • Custom size tongue. With an interchangeable shoe tongue, you can shape the boot to your liking.


  • Not as advanced as the others. While this skate had many cool features, they lack the higher advances than previous stakes on this list. Pros will require more from their skate.
  • UltraLite Custom Footbed. You are able to bundle up footbeds in order to ensure that you will support your arch, whether it is flat, medium, or high. 

Buyers Guide

Researching sports shoes can be overwhelming, especially if this is a newer hobby, and even more so if you have different requirements like wider feet.

There are factors to consider, hockey stakes have so many options, additional equipment, blades, and even price. Honestly, don’t stress yourself out, I have put together a buyer’s guide that will summarize it all up!

The Brand

Honestly, sport equipment knowledge can sometimes feel like a boy’s club, (sorry boys), the brand knowledge and hockey understanding is key to purchase the right equipment. While reading reviews and my own experience with staking, I found that Bauer’s and CCM are every hockey player’s go too, and as we are looking for wider feet.

I felt these two brands are without a doubt a go-to brand.


While shopping for hockey skates, it is worth noting what your budget is, hockey skates are notoriously expensive. As you can see from this article, I have listed stakes in both the low and the high price point to can get an idea on what features will be in which price point. Higher price doesn’t always indicate higher quality. 

Are they for wider feet

Different skates will find different ways to adapt for wider feet. As seen above, wider feet isn’t just selective to a standard EE fit shoe. Understanding that volume within a shoe size is just as important as the width.

Each shoe above has showcased an original, unique way of improving for wider feet while still being just as good, if not better, than standard stakes.   


Let’s be real, skates hurt. A lot. You know the rent skates you get at the ice rink, you could use them to interrogate criminals for confessions. So knowing that your hockey stakes have some sort of padding or form fitting design is key to ensuring you are both comfortable and protected. 

Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bauer skates wider than CCM?

Both brands are centered around minimize the space in the foot to accommodate different foot sizes. Both have created different ways to adapt, Bauer offers a 3-fit on all their shoes and CCM offer a wider size range alongside the changeable tongues.

However, Bauer had been adapting to wider feet for longer, so they are a safer bet. 

Are CCM Super Tacks for wide feet?

Yes, while CCM offers options with different fits, the Super Tacks are designed for wider fit. Compared to the Jetspeed; which is cheaply made, so it lacks the intent that Super
Tacks has. 

Can you make hockey shoes wider?

While there are many YouTube videos on shoe stretching, I do not recommend as it can damaging for the shoe. There are already wider shoe fits available, just purchase those.

What is EE size in skates?

An EE size in skates is a stake with a larger width on the sole of the shoe, similarly to other shoes and EE shoe will be significantly larger than a D size. 

Which is wider, D or EE?

An EE is larger than a D. a D is a standard size in terms of width, whereas the EE is a wider skate. The usual shoe ranging goes C, D, E, EE. Another way of identifying size width is through N, R, and W system.

Narrow, regular, and wide naturally. Wide footed player need to look for E, EE or W skates.

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