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Best Visor

Here at GetHockeyAdvice, we know that ice hockey can be a dangerous game. Whether you’re tackling or waiting to receive a flying puck, getting knocked is inevitable. And, when it comes to wearing crucial visors, no hockey-lover wants their face shield to steam up during the match’s make-or-break moment. 

There’s a potential danger in the visor’s material and fit too. Any scratched or flimsy screen can mean suffering a career-ending puck to the face. This can cause severe injuries, hospitalization, and missing playing the beautiful game.

Luckily, you don’t have to give up enjoying ice hockey to save your face. There are fantastic, robust visors that give you the freedom to happily skate rather than worrying about your safety.

But with so many similar-looking shields to pick from, buying the right one that keeps its visibility promises can be tricky. 

So, we’ve saved you the trouble. To help you out, we’ve created a list showing you the best visors available. We’ve also given you a valuable buyers’ guide filled with information and tips on what to keep in mind before you buy.

Product NamePros & ConsCheck Pricing
TronX S40 Vented-Cut Hockey Helmet Clear VisorPros:
CE certified
Lowered profile
Adjustable settings

Ronin R3 Straight-Cut Hockey VisorPros:
Anti-fog coating
Mounting hardware
HD optics

Not totally anti-fog
Tron S920 Hockey Helmet Cage & Shield Combo (Senior)Pros:
Combined cage and visor
Anti-fog protection
Anti-scratch treatment

Unadjustable chin strap
Bauer Concept III Full Face Shield [Senior]Pros:
Full face cover
Anti-fog technology
Bag included

TronX S30 Straight-Cut Hockey Helmet Clear VisorPros:
Anti-fog coating
CE certified

No adjustable setting

TronX S40 Vented-Cut Hockey Helmet Clear Visor

TronX S40 Vented-Cut Hockey Helmet Clear Visor (Anti-Scratch/Anti-Fog) CE Certified

This visor is ideal for protecting your face without becoming scratched. It’s coated with scratch-resistant materials, meaning you can get smoked in the visor with a shot and still see clearly afterward.

The 2.75 inches at the middle of the visor, lowered profile, and anti-fog coating stop it from fogging up and annoying you mid-game. In addition, the polycarbonate material isn’t stiff, so it won’t pull your helmet away from your temples.

This fantastic material also prevents your visor from marbling and reducing your visibility.

In addition, the extra hole on either side means you don’t have to readjust it if it loosens up. This handy little feature is excellent for letting you concentrate on playing hockey rather than a poorly fitting visor.

The TronX S40 visor is CE certified, which meets EU safety, protection, and health standards. So, it’s proven by an independent judge to shield you from harm!

In addition, the visor fits most certified hockey helmets, making it easily attached to standard equipment you already have.


  • Specially formulated coating– Making it fog and scratch-resistant, unlikely to cloud your vision while you’re wearing it.
  • Polycarbonate material– Meaning it’s not stiff and won’t pull your helmet from your head. 
  • CE certified – Allowing you to enjoy playing without having to worry about whether your visor has been safety tested.
  • Lowered profile– Letting you see clearly for months.
  • Adjustable settings– Readjusting itself if your helmet loosens up.


  • Expensive– Costs a lot more than cheap visors, so it’s not an ideal choice for those on a budget.

Ronin R3 Straight-Cut Hockey Visor

Ronin R3 Straight Cut Hockey Visor with Anti Fog and Anti Scratch Coating - Impact Resistant - Universal Helmet Fit - CE Certified

This visor is a great adjustable option, fitting wide-ranging helmet types across brands. It’s 3.5 inches tall in the center, giving your face and eyes maximum protection. The professional high impact polycarbonate material even expertly prevents hard stick blades from scratching it.

The anti-fog covering is ideal for stopping annoying moisture from building up. This clever design means you don’t miss any action while playing or accidentally glide into a dangerous situation. 

The visor comes with mounting hardware, so it’s easy to remove and put onto different helmets. You can simply adjust the shield to suit your existing equipment, saving you money and hassle!

With this visor, there’s no need to buy a new helmet.

The HD optics give clear vision throughout your whole sight range. This feature means it’s reliably distortion-free, so you can dodge high sticks, illegal checks, and rogue pucks. In addition, its sleek design lets you quickly clean it after a game.


  • 3.5 inches tall in the center– Giving your eyes maximum protection.
  • Anti-fog coating– Stopping moisture building up, letting you see clearly
  • High-impact Polycarbonate– Meaning it can take intense games.
  • Mounting hardware– Letting you quickly adjust and add the visor to your helmet.
  • HD optics– Meaning it’s distortion-free across your entire site range.


  • Not totally anti-fog– Despite its anti-fog coating, you may see some moisture on this visor.

Tron S920 Hockey Helmet Cage & Shield Combo (Senior)

Tron S920 Hockey Helmet Cage & Shield Combo (Senior)

Tron is renowned for its high-quality and affordable products, and this is a super safe addition to their range. If you’re looking for complete face shielding and excellent visibility, this is an ideal visor. 

As it has anti-fog protection, it stays steam-free enough for you to enjoy playing without needing to use anti-fogging spray. The anti-scratch treatment keeps the visor mark free, too!

The combined cage and visor mean you get a clear vision, and your lower face is protected without looking through metal bars. In addition, the cage handily comes with a bunch of hardware, meaning it has the pieces you need to attach to a helmet. 

The Hockey Equipment Certification Council’s (HECC) approval means it’s safe to use this visor, and it doesn’t make false protection promises.

So, you can enjoy playing hockey without suffering the consequences of using a faulty visor.


  • Combined cage and visor– Giving you maximum protection from moving pucks, sticks, and other players.
  • Anti-fog protection– Preventing annoying moisture build-up.
  • Hardware included– Allowing you to easily attach the visor to a helmet.
  • Anti-scratch treatment- Providing you with a clear, mark-resistant visor.
  • HECC approved– Meaning its safety was independently tested and verified.


  • Unadjustable chin strap– Stopping you from personalizing it. The chin strap can be easily switched for another one, though.

Bauer Concept III Full Face Shield [Senior]

Bauer Concept III Full Face Shield [Senior]

Bauer has a fantastic reputation for making reliable ice hockey gear, and this shield lives up to its high standards. As a full face shield with a wide visor, it gives the maximum defense against facial knocks. 

In addition, the robust polycarbonate frame and shield can withstand intense impacts while staying high quality. The anti-scratch coating protects the polycarbonate and stops you from struggling to see correctly. 

The anti-fog technology works in harmony with the anti-scratch coating, giving an excellent line of sight.

With this shield, you’ll never have to go back to a birdcage! And there’s even a chin strap to keep your face secure in the visor.

The included bag is a plus; it’s a handy extra precaution against scratches while you’re carrying it to the rink. So, you can quickly move it about without worrying about marbling the visor! 


  • Full face cover– Providing you with maximum protection.
  • Polycarbonate frame and shield– Trustable shielding for your whole face.
  • Anti-fog technology– Meaning you never have to put on a birdcage again.
  • Anti-scratch coating– Keeping your vision crystal clear on the ice.
  • Bag included– Allowing you to easily carry it and look after the visor.


  • Expensive– As Bauer made it for those looking for maximum protection, it’s unsuitable if you’re on a budget.

TronX S30 Straight-Cut Hockey Helmet Clear Visor

TronX S30 Straight-Cut Hockey Helmet Clear Visor (Anti-Scratch/Anti-Fog) CE Certified

The TronX S30 is like the S40; however, it’s ideal for those on a budget, unlike its sister visor. The polycarbonate visor gives wearers distortion-free optics, offering excellent visibility across the entire range of vision.

Even when you’ve taken a few sticks to the visor!

The anti-fog coating means that even when trying to fog it up, it stays clear. In addition, it comes with all the screws you need to easily attach to a helmet, both adult and youth ones!

This easy to assemble design lets you spend more time playing hockey without fiddling with equipment.

It has an anti-scratch coating, too, leaving the visor clear even after an exhilarating game. As it’s CE certified, it’s super safe and has been independently checked to meet EU protection regulations.


  • Polycarbonate visor– Letting you see with un-distorted vision.
  • Anti-fog coating– Meaning you don’t have to wipe it mid-game.
  • Affordable– Allowing hockey players on a budget to enjoy high safety standards.
  • Anti-scratch coating– The visor will survive being hit by pucks, sticks, and ice for a long time.
  • CE certified– Meaning its safety is approved by the EU, letting you skate knowing you’re protected.


  • No adjustable setting– Meaning it won’t readjust itself if your helmet loosens.

Buyer’s Guide

You might believe that buying a fog and scratch-free visor is an easy task. After all, even though there are tonnes to choose from, all the anti-fog visors protect your eyes.

However, there are essential things to think about to make sure you purchase the ideal visor to suit your specific needs. Below, we’ll look at some key factors to reflect on when you begin searching. 

Taking a few extra minutes thinking about these will save you time and money in the long run.

Visor VS. Full Face Shield

The easiest way to start your visor search is to work out whether a half-face visor or full-face shield is best for you. It’s essential to think about how much protection and visibility you want and your league’s requirements.

If you’re looking for playing hockey with a full range of vision, a polycarbonate anti-scratch and anti-fog visor is the best choice.

This transparent visor would protect your eyes from intense hits from pucks, sticks, and other players, without making you feel caged up. Then, you can enjoy the game without struggling to see. 

If you want to participate in super competitive and challenging games, a full face shield is ideal. Many full face shields’ are split into two sections; an upper see-through visor with an excellent line of sight and a lower caged area to protect your jaw.

However, many full-face shields are a lot heavier and more expensive than single visors.

With a full face shield, you can take a flying puck, swinging stick, or bulky player to the face and come away unharmed. But, the price point and weight mean that it’s best to consider how seriously you will be playing. 

How should a visor fit?

Fitting a shield right saves you unnecessary injuries on the ice. No one wants an uncomfortable visor to distract them from playing hockey! Securing the protection depends on the shield type, although visors are mostly one size for all. 

If you have a half-shield, make sure the visors are attached to the helmet as far away from the face as possible. This distance prevents fogging and players getting cut faces from falling, a check, or hurtling puck. 

It’s key to ensure the visor’s screws above each temple are tight. The shield works when it’s straight across on the face rather than wonky. Position the screen so that the top is in line with the helmet edge on your forehead.

It’s best if there’s a small gap between the front of the helmet and the visor’s top. The perfect space is wide enough for airflow but narrow enough to stop a stick from getting through. 

If you have a visor and cage combo, ensure the bottom is snug to the chin. Your chin has to be placed well in the cup so that there’s no gapping. You don’t want an overhanging shield letting a stick get to your teeth! 

Expected Lifetime

Once you’ve found the face protection type suiting you, you may be wondering how long it will last. A quality visor shouldn’t be worn from 5 years onwards. This is because the hardwearing plastic will highly likely wear and crack by this time, weakening slowly. 

Although these cracks might not be visible at first glance, it’s best to be safe to replace your visor after this time. Your visor is just like your helmet; no matter how great the material, knocks weaken it. 

To look after your visor and help it last a long time. Furniture polish is ideal for wiping, buffing, and refreshing visors. It’s pretty inexpensive and is even used at the pro level! 


A fogged-up visor is an incredibly annoying problem. Steam stops you from having fun on the ice, and it also blocks your vision.

In addition, fog is so dangerous that it could cause you to be seriously injured in hospital. 

It’s essential to consider your visor’s material to help ensure you don’t end up in a stretcher. Polycarbonate is the ideal choice because it can defend you against high impact and is incredibly resilient. 

And, as a plus, this shatterproof material can also be handily coated in anti-fog chemicals. Many visor manufacturers cover their products in hydrophilic anti-fog substances that turn the moisture into an unnoticeable fine film.

This coating will solve your cloudy vision problems, letting you skate with confidence. 

If you already have a visor and are looking for an anti-fogging solution, there are products aplenty to help no matter your budget. Anti-fog inserts are thin plastic sheets that stick to your visor, repelling condensation.

These are fantastic as they last much longer than anti-fogging sprays that typically want re-applying every 24-48 hours.

Similarly, anti-fogging sprays and wipes are hydrophilic and only require a quick wipe across the visor. And as these are small, you can easily pack them away in your kit bag or put them on the bench. 

Suppose you’re looking for a cheaper option. In that case, many experienced players recommend letting baby shampoo sit on their visor for a few minutes before buffing it off.

To be effective, you have to do it approximately before each game; however, many players swear by it! 

Visor for Hockey

Frequently Asked Questions

Why wear a hockey visor or cage?

Playing ice hockey can easily cause serious injuries. Wearing a hockey visor or cage prevents intense hits from spinning pucks, swinging sticks, or skating players from damaging the player’s face. 

Visors protect players from being blinded by the puck, losing teeth, and breaking their jaw. Visors are mandatory for all NHL players to wear. 

If you want to save yourself from suffering these terrible injuries, wearing face protection is vital!

Do pro hockey players wear visors?

NHL players have to wear visors. In 2013, visor wearing was made mandatory for NHL players. Visors are made of resilient plastic, providing transparent shields that are easier to see through than the wire cage alternatives. 

These shields protect ice hockey players’ faces from suffering damage during the game. In addition, visors are lighter weight than cages.

They often have anti-fog and anti-scratch properties to prevent players from having a dangerous blocked vision.

How do hockey players keep their visors from fogging up?

The most effective long-term way to stop having a foggy visor is to buy a shield with an anti-fog coating. This coating lines the visor’s interior side, preventing moisture from building up.

If you already have a visor and don’t want to purchase a new one, you can buy an anti-fog insert, anti-fog spray, or anti-fog wipes, which work to repel condensation. 

Anti-fog inserts stick to your shield’s interior and thin out any moisture so that it doesn’t get in the way. These can last approximately a year, which is excellent if you don’t want to spend time cleaning your visor before every game. 

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