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The Best Hockey Skates For Kids

When you are nurturing a young skater, the most important piece of equipment that you will buy for them is a good pair of hockey skates. Not only will this influence how they are able to move around

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The Best Kids’ Hockey Sticks: Youths, Juniors, & Intermediates

Kids who take their hockey seriously need a good-quality hockey stick. But how do you find the best hockey sticks for kids? Below you will find our recommendations for the best hockey sticks that

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Is Fighting Allowed In Hockey? The Hockey Fighting Rules

Anyone who has ever seen a hockey game will be forgiven for wondering whether fighting is allowed in hockey—it certainly seems like it is. While fighting isn’t technically allowed in hockey,

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5 Best Men’s Hockey Pants: Key Features, Pros, And Cons

Searching for the best hockey pants can be quite exhausting, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Not all of us are pros at hockey, but even enthusiasts should educate

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CCM vs Bauer: The Battle Of The Giants (Top Picks)

Both CCM and Bauer are giants in the hockey industry, making it very hard to decide which brand and which line of skates to spend your money on. The prices vary from very high to low, while the right

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Icing In Hockey Explained: A Detailed Guide For Beginners

Have you ever wondered, what is icing in hockey? Maybe you’ve even read about it, but you’re not completely sure what it is. This hockey rule about icing was introduced in 1937, and it’s one

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Top 5 Hockey Helmet Ideas For Men, Women, And Kids

Things get more complicated the more you look at different helmets. Picking one is especially hard if this is your first time buying. Below I’ll review five of the best hockey helmets meant for

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How Long Is A Hockey Game? Find The Game Times For All The Leagues

The total game play time of a hockey game is 60 minutes, but it will always run for longer. How long a hockey game lasts is determined by a magnitude of factors, ranging from how much stoppage time

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Hockey Gift Ideas For Kids Guide (10 Best Picks)

Buying things for kids is not as simple as it may sound. But things get a little easier when you know their interests, especially if one of them is a sport called hockey. If you’ve been wondering

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How Many Periods In Hockey?

Ice hockey is considered to be among the fastest team sports in the world, but to keep the game so fast-paced, play needs to stop at times for ice resurfacing. That happens between periods. But how

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