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Buying new ice hockey skates doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Here at GetHockeyAdvice we have done the heavy lifting for you!  We’ve looked at all the top ice hockey skates on the market and thoroughly reviewed them.

By reading our skate reviews, you’ll gain an understanding of the pros and cons of each skate, so you can find the best match for your preferences. We’ve even linked through to best deals we can find online so you can easily purchase the ones you like best.  Enjoy!

Bauer Supreme S150 Senior Ice Hockey Skates

Bauer is a giant when it comes to ice hockey equipment and most experienced players have owned at least one Bauer brand item in the course of their play. The company designs quality equipment and affordable

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Bauer Vapor X 40 Ice Hockey Skates

With such great hockey equipment on the market such as the Tuuk Lightspeed Edge, Bauer is one of the best-known names in youth ice hockey. The company designs equipment for all players. So, whether you’re

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Bauer Vapor X500 Skates

Bauer is a well-known name in ice hockey equipment and makes quality items you can rely on like the Tuuk Lightspeed Edge that allows you to change your blade out in seconds. The company designs equipment

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American Athletic Shoe Cougar Hockey Skates Review

This review is for an ice hockey skate that is actually suitable for both indoor ice rink as well as outdoor use. source: About The Product American Athletic Shoes are a top

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American Athletic Shoe Ice Force Hockey Skates Review

With so many new companies claiming to have the best ice skates, it can be hard for the buyer to choose which one is the best for them. The thing is you don’t have to settle for an unfamiliar brand just

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Bauer Senior Supreme 140 Skates Review

You are gliding down the ice rink to make the winning goal. You are quickly swerving other defenders to reach your ultimate goal- the puck hitting the net. With the proper pair of ice skates, you successfully

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Bauer Vapor X300 Hockey Skates Review

The difference between winning and losing a hockey game comes down to the gear you use. Hockey players understand that premium equipment can make or break a game. Ice hockey players require skates that

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