Bauer Vapor X300 Hockey Skates Review

Bauer Senior Vapor X300 Hockey Skates Review

The difference between winning and losing a hockey game comes down to the gear you use. Hockey players understand that premium equipment can make or break a game.

Ice hockey players require skates that provide support as well as comfort. More importantly, skates that work with the user’s technical skill prove to be a great asset during an ice hockey game.

Buying the right pair of ice hockey skates turns out to be a lengthy process. You or your child may not like the first several pairs of skates. It’s important to get specific with what you are looking for in a pair of ice skates.

Bauer Senior Vapor X300 Skate


Features such as ankle support and sizing come into play, and you don’t want to waste your money buying the wrong pair of boots. If you have wide feet, make a note of that when you are ordering your ice skates.

You can choose from specific name brand manufacturers of ice hockey skates that perform well. A favorite brand, Bauer, has many models of ice skates that are all top-quality. In fact, Bauer skates can be seen on the feet of NHL players.

Below is a review on a Bauer Ice Hockey Skate that is designed for speed.

About The Product

What sets the Bauer Vapor X300 Skates apart from other ice hockey skates is its advanced design. The design works well with your feet which make the ice skate sought after by serious ice hockey players.


  • Vapor Skate Fit
  • Made with Nylon
  • TUUK Stainless Steel
  • Multi-Layered Inner Lining

These skates have a fitted feel to them that makes them undesirable amongst buyers who have wide feet. Also, do not plan on wearing thick socks when you put on the Vapor X300’s. The narrow V-fit around the ankle and heel area forces you to wear light socks.

It’s important for your feet to have room to breathe in your skates. By wearing thick socks, you will cause blisters to form on your feet.

The narrow fit is a unique feature to the Vapor X300 because it’s not found in other ice skates. This fit helps you accelerate and turn quickly, so the shoes provide you a small boost to win the game.

Buyer Experience

Other buyer’s experiences, including my own, highly recommend the Bauer Vapor X300 Skates.

Bauer Senior Vapor X300 Skate


Most people purchased these skates for their child and were impressed with the results. Some went as far to say their child’s hockey game skills improved significantly after consistent usage of the Bauer Ice Skates.

A tip when buying Bauer skates is to at least always order one shoe size down. If your child is a size 6, buy him or her a size 5 Bauer Ice Skate. This ensures your child plays comfortably on the ice with a low chance of injury.

Common injuries sustained by hockey players are ankle injuries. The Vapor X300 comes with foam ankle padding that acts as a cushion for your ankles. Any blow targeted towards the ankles won’t hurt because of the added protection the skates offer.

The foam padding around the ankle and heels guarantees a product that enhances your existing ice skating skills.

It’s not recommended to go out onto the ice without sharpening the blades first. Bauer sends their skates with a dull blade to their customers, and the Vapor X300 is no exception.

Within 90 days of purchase, you have a guaranteed warranty on the Vapor X300. These skates, which will cost you under $100 for the senior skates and under $50 for the youth skates, will last more than several years.

Buying Advice

There are several Bauer Ice Hockey Skate models to choose from. Figuring out what specific features you require from your skates makes the process of elimination much smoother.

If you plan on ice skating a handful of times a year, a pair of basic Bauer ice skates works fine. Bauer is a trusted brand amongst ice skaters, so don’t doubt its ability to perform.

Any existing foot injury makes you think twice about buying a regular cheap pair of ice skates. This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank on your purchase though. Bauer sells their ice skates at reasonable prices to retailers so you have the chance to wear premium quality skates.

Where To Buy?

The Bauer official website shows you the nearest stores that sell Bauer products. If there aren’t any in your area, Pure Hockey is the solution.

Amazon sells both the senior and youth Bauer Vapor X300 for a lower price compared to most retailers and with free shipping. You have the option to buy used Vapor X300’s for even cheaper than the original price. Amazon gives you more choices than a store could offer you.

The only benefit of buying Bauer ice skates in a store is the chance to try the skates on. By trying them on, you get an understanding of how much you need to size down. Based on reviews, it’s smart to go down one or one and a half your shoe size. Since this information is available to you, buying ice skates online is even easier.

Is There A Warranty?

When buying an ice skates, make a note of the offered warranty. Bauer offers a 90-day limited warranty on their ice skates. Most ice skate companies don’t offer warranties on their products, so you can tell Bauer wants to satisfy their customers.

My Verdict

Bauer never disappoints. I wholeheartedly recommend buying the Bauer Vapor X300 Ice Skates because of its reasonable price and high-quality.

Make sure not to use them regularly because these skates aren’t meant to last long with daily use. This makes the Vapor X300 great skates to practice hockey or ice skate recreationally with.

Bauer Senior Vapor X300 Skate


If you are looking for professional level skates, expect to spend a lot more money. Bauer promises high quality ice skates for a low price, which is just what most people need.

Our Rating: Senior Vapor X300

Our Rating: Senior Vapor X300

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