Top 7 Youth Ice Hockey Skates for the 2018 & 2019 Season

Top 7 Youth Ice Hockey Skates for 2018

Top 7 Youth Ice Hockey Skates for 2018

Like with elbow pads and shoulder pads, getting the best youth ice hockey skates gives your child an advantage and helps you show your support for their development in the sport. High-quality hockey equipment can mean the difference between a successful season and moving forward in the sport vs. missing out on a great opportunity. But, if you’re like most parents, you aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to buying hockey skates for your child.

Finding and buying hockey skates might be easy, but finding the top skate that will be best for your child can be a little tougher. Taking some time to review your options and know what’s out there can make a big difference when it comes to making the best and safest choice for your budding hockey players.

If buying junior ice hockey skates is new to you, don’t worry. Keep reading to find out what we think are the best skates available right now.

American Athletic Shoe Boy’s Ice Force Hockey Skates

American Athletic Shoe Boys Ice Force Hockey Skates

We love these skates because they can be used for indoor and outdoor hockey. They are comfortable skates that are available in a variety of sizes (some youth hockey skates have size limitations). They come sharpened and ready to wear, although they need a little breaking into custom-fit to your child’s feet.

Features of these skates include:

  • True to size
  • Indoor/outdoor capable
  • Suitable for girls and boys

Bauer Youth Vapor X300 Skate

Bauer Youth Vapor X300 Skate

These quality ice hockey skates are comfortable and offer a decent amount of flexibility. These skates are true to size but can take some effort to break in. They still have a cozy feel when fitted properly, but still allow skaters to get decent mobility when skating.

Features of the Bauer Youth Vapor 330 include:

  • Sublimated tech nylon quarter package
  • OD1N thermoformed pattern
  • Microfiber lining material
  • arrow-rightIntegrated heel support
  • arrow-rightFlexible tendon guard
  • arrow-rightAnatomical 1-piece felt tongue

If the skates feel tight at first, don’t assume you’ve purchased the wrong size and size down. They tend to be snug and need some work to form to the foot. For the price you’ll pay for these skates, you’re getting a decent value even though the price is a little higher than other options.

These skates are available in three color combinations. You can read our full review on the Bauer Vapor 330 skates here.

CCM Jetspeed FT340 Ice Hockey Skates

CCM Jetspeed FT340 Ice Hockey Skates

These skates offer value and comfort. They rank well in terms of performance and come with a number of useful features, including:

  • Injected Quarter package with mesh form skin
  • Brushed microfiber liner
  • Felt tongue
  • arrow-rightInjected outsole

These skates are a great option if you’re concerned about price. Despite the lower price tag, they aren’t going to offer what a skate two or three times this price will offer. Some people consider these a great starter skate because they are a good value and offer enough, but they aren’t going to be the skate you choose once your child has been playing for some time.

These are basic skates and ideal for youth players who might not be 100 percent committed to the sport yet. They don’t offer the performance of a more expenses skate, but they’re going to work as your child learns the basic skills of the game and decides if they want to move forward. If you’ve never purchased skates before and you’re not sure how to manage and supply your child’s newfound interest in hockey, we highly recommend these skates.

Lake Placid Summit Boys Adjustable Ice Skate

Lake Placid Summit Boys Adjustable Ice Skate

These skates are a great option for beginning skaters. They are comfortable and easy to get on and off. They’re one of the best budget ice hockey skate options available in kids’ skates.

Features of these skates include:

  • Push-button size adjustment
  • Warm woven lining and deluxe comfort padding
  • Stainless-steel blade
  • arrow-rightWaterproof sole
  • arrow-rightLocking buckle and power strap
  • arrow-rightInsulated soft-tec foam
  • arrow-rightReinforced ankle support

These skates come in small, medium, and large, and can be size adjusted up to four sizes, so they can grow with your child.

Bauer Supreme S140 Junior Ice Hockey Skates

Bauer Supreme S140 Junior Ice Hockey Skates

The Bauer Supreme S140 is actually our top pick for a budget friendly starter skate. These skates are available for a moderate price and are a great option for beginners.  Buyers recommend sharpening the skates before use. Features of the Bauer Supreme S140 include:

  • Responsive action
  • Anatomical, thermo-moldable design
  • Premium nylon quarter and a microfiber liner
  • arrow-rightTPR outsole and a Tuuk LIGHTSPEED Pro holder and runner

CCM Jet Speed 250 Youth Ice Hockey Skates

CCM Jet Speed 250 Youth Ice Hockey Skates

These skates are another value-conscious option, but unlike some of the other budget-friendly options available, these are some of the best hockey skates on the market for kids. They are durable, designed for comfort, and maximize energy transfer, which means kids can focus on developing their game while their skates do what they are meant to do.

These skates feature:

  • Synthetic embossed shell quarter package
  • Heavy-duty microfiber liner
  • Low profile injected outsole
  • arrow-rightCCM footbed
  • arrow-rightNon-replaceable stainless steel runner

Keep in mind, the stainless steel runner on these skates can’t be replaced so you’ll need to replace the entire skate once it’s worn. They are also available in only two sizes, but if they’re the right size, these are a great youth skate option.

Tour Hockey TR 700 Youth Ice Hockey Skates

Tough Hockey TR 700 Youth Ice Hockey Skates

The Tour Hockey youth skates are another affordable option designed for players who want to improve mobility. They are comfortable but lack some of the durability of the other options on the market. Despite the lack of durability, you’re getting a quality pair of skates for the price.

Features of these skates include:

  • Reinforced quarter panels
  • EVA foam pads
  • Quick-drying tricot lining
  • arrow-rightAnkle stabilizers
  • arrow-rightEdge-hardened steel blade

The skates on this list will help your child improve their ice skating capabilities. They are versatile and allow your child to focus on skill development without concern for the performance of the skates on his or her feet. The last thing anybody wants is to be distracted by subpar equipment when on the ice trying to focus on the game.

Supporting your child playing youth sports and investing in quality equipment doesn’t need to be expensive or frustrating. There are plenty of great ice hockey skate options on this list that are a reasonable price without sacrificing quality.

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