What Size Hockey Bag Do I Need and Other Considerations

What Size Hockey Bag Do I Need and Other Considerations

Your hockey equipment can be considered as your protective shield and also an extension of your arms while playing on the ice. This is the reason it is necessary that you get the best hockey bag to make sure your gear is not damaged in transit. But what matters most is to ask the question “What size hockey bag do I need?

As such, we are here to provide an answer so that you get the best hockey bag for your needs.

What Size Hockey Bag Do I Need?

Hockey bags should be durable, waterproof, and must be able to accommodate all the gear you need to take along with you to and from the rink. However, choosing the best size of a hockey bag might not be that easy. Your choice will depend on what you expect from the bag, your personal preference, and how much equipment you are stuffing in the bag.

1. Hockey Bag Types

Buying the best size of a hockey bag will save you so much frustration shortly. These bags are designed to hold your hockey skates, stick wax, water bottle, pants, and every other thing that you might need. So it will be in your best interest to go for the right type of bag.

With a wheeled bag, it becomes easier for you to roll your hockey bag from one location to another. Wheeled bags are generally bulkier, heavier, and harder to place in compact spaces.

If there is any reason for you to carry the bag, you might discover that it could be a difficult task to carry out. That being said, wheels have made it easy for hockey players to drag their bags around, and this can be useful when your equipment is heavy.

These are the traditional types of bags mostly used by sportspeople and the ones common among hockey players. They usually come with two handles as well as a zipper at the top.

These pose a more natural way to carry your gear around. With backpacks, the weight of your gear will be evenly distributed on your shoulders, thereby making it easy to lift and carry around.

  • Combination

This is becoming the most popular type or style of bag among hockey players as it combines two or more of the styles we mentioned above.

2. Price

It is important to note that the price of the bag will also determine the size of the hockey bag you might need at any moment. A good hockey bag will set you back maximally $100, but there are far more affordable bags than that, and they also come at a perfect size that will take in all your hockey gears.

3. The User

If your lad needs a hockey bag, then you might need to consider this factor: “Who is carrying the bag?” Your child will hopefully be responsible for that as they will be proud to take charge of their business.

Most of the hockey bag sizes in the market are sold in standard senior, junior, or youth size and then intermediate. As an adult hockey player, you might not necessarily use more equipment than a youth player, but the size will be bigger.

When buying a bag for a child, you should consider a junior bag. But instead of focusing on the size, look out for more features which you will see in a standard bag.

Look out for the interior space available for socks, pucks, spare change, skate pocket, and an important feature separating straps from sharp blades and cloths. You should also consider a bag that has an external pocket for water bottles and other miscellaneous items.

What Are the Factors to Consider When Buying a Hockey Bag?

It is not necessary that you pick out the first bag you come across and take it as the best hockey bag for you. Rather it is important that you consider what is more important in a standard hockey bag and also what your requirements are.

1. Size

Just as we have discussed earlier, size is essential in choosing the best hockey bag, and this will depend on the player’s preference. Some bags are so big that you can fit in your helmet, while some will only take in your basic gear. But remember, the larger the size of the bag, the harder it is to store.

2. Durability

Modern hockey bags are designed with top quality nylon. This will ensure that the bag does not tear when it is filled with items and at the same time, should be able to stay firm when tossed around. Durability ratings of hockey bags are from 100 to 1000, which is the strongest.

3. Compartments

It is crucial that a standard hockey bag has many compartments. You will not want to drop your wax or tape in the same space with your skates. The bigger the size of the bag, the more the compartments it is likely to have.

4. Waterproofing

After a daily skating activity, your hockey gear will certainly be wet. Since you are throwing them directly into the hockey bag, it is vital that your bag is made of polyester or nylon, which will not take in the moisture from your gear. Good hockey bags will also have a mesh feature which helps in drying out your hockey gear.

5. Warranty

For the fact that your hockey bag is made from the best materials, it does not necessarily mean that there won’t be a problem with it. Materials can have their defects, the zippers may fail, and stitches may fall apart. All these unexpected defects must be covered under a good warranty.

The longer the warranty offered on a hockey bag, the more comfortable you should be buying the bag. Ensure you request the warranty information from your seller before taking the final decision to buy the bag.

Final Verdict

The most important factor that you might want to consider when deciding what size hockey bag do I need is the age of the player who will use the bag. Senior bags have their reasons for being big: they are designed to take in adult-sized gears.

Once you have determined the right size that you need, another important factor you need to consider is the bag style which will fit into your lifestyle. You can either go for the duffle style, backpacks, or the wheeled bag, all depending on how convenient it will be for you lifting the bag around.

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