Where to Buy Ice Hockey Equipment

Where to Buy Ice Hockey Equipment

Nowadays, there is so much hockey equipment on the market. Shin pads, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey skates, gloves, goalie equipment, hockey pants, and, of course, ice hockey sticks and other protective equipment are required for each and every hockey player. Even then, you need a hockey bag to lug all that equipment around with you. Cleary, this can be a frustrating experience and figuring out where to even buy hockey equipment can only add to that frustration. If you don’t live near a local brick and mortar hockey shop, you might find yourself driving great distances to find what you need. If you prefer to shop online, you’ll have to navigate a few constraints—getting the fit right, waiting for delivery, and just generally not being able to get a feel for how you like the equipment until it arrives at your doorstep.

Though there are no guarantees, it can help to have a list of reputable online shops that make it easier to make your choice with some confidence. If you’re able to find shops with a good reputation and you take the time to read the reviews on equipment you’re considering, you can buy ice hockey equipment online at a great deal and with confidence in what you’ll be getting,

Before we dive into our list of the best places to buy hockey equipment, let’s first go through some things you should consider about the retailer.

Reputable Seller

First and foremost, you want to be sure you’re shopping with a reputable seller. Before submitting your credit card information and placing your order, invest a little time in researching the retailer. Make sure they have some subject matter expertise around hockey equipment. Knowledgeable and experienced customer service staff can go a long way in helping you make the best ice hockey equipment buying decisions vs. shopping at a large big box sports retailer that has hourly workers who don’t specialize in hockey.

You also want to make sure the retailer will stand behind their equipment- look for retailers that offer flexible refund policies or will help you out should their be an issue with one of your hockey-related purchases.

Great Prices

You need to be willing to invest in quality equipment, but there’s no reason to overspend when you don’t need to. Many sites sell durable ice hockey equipment from the best-known brands at great prices. It doesn’t hurt to comparison shop. Once you know what product you want, check a few reputable sellers to see where you get the best deal.


You’ll want to shop with a store that’s well-known. Check online reviews like Yelp or a Hockey Forum for information, but don’t insist reviews be perfect—they never will be. You want to find stores that overall have made customers happy. There will be mistakes along the way, but if people are mostly saying good things about a store, chances are you can buy with confidence.

Top Places to Buy Your Equipment


Amazon offers a wide variety of ice hockey equipment for children and adults. Amazon is an online shopping giant, so you can buy with confidence that the company will back your purchase. They offer great shipping deals and a wide variety of equipment from several different manufacturers. The prices are reasonable and there are plenty of buyer reviews to help you make the best decision.

Pure Hockey

Pure Hockey is an online retailer that offers a variety of ice hockey equipment, including sticks, skates, and protective gear.

The people who own and operate Pure Hockey love the game. They play, they watch, and they know how to make smart equipment choices. The company stands behind its products and takes pride in the value and quality of the merchandise they sell.

Whether you are a new shopper looking for beginning hockey equipment for you or your child, or you’re an experienced player that knows exactly what is needed to make the most of your game, Pure Hockey can help.

Whether you shop online or in person at Pure Hockey, you’ll be dealing with experienced hockey retailers. Every manager at each of Pure Hockey’s brick and mortar stores is a former player and a current fan of the game. Everyone at Pure Hockey loves and understands the game, and has a passion for helping current day players get the equipment they need to develop their best game.

Pure Hockey’s goal is to help shoppers make the best and most educated decision about their hockey equipment so they can buy and play with confidence.

Hockey Giant

Hockey Giant offers a variety of ice hockey equipment from the brands you know and love. They are a specialty retailer that sells niche products, including a wide range of the top brands in hockey. You can buy with confidence because of Hockey Giant’s generous return policy.

Hockey Giant has nine stores located throughout the Northeastern United States, as well as their online retail shop. They offer the widest range of hockey equipment in the country, so you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you need. They also employ a knowledgeable and experienced staff who love hockey and can help you make the best choices for equipment.

Hockey Monkey

Hockey Monkey is a trusted retailer that sells all the ice hockey equipment you need. In addition to their great regular prices, they also run a number of sales on their wide array of equipment.

Hockey Monkey also features a blog that helps you learn more about its products and the passion behind the company. You can buy with confidence because they give a detailed outline of their return and warranty policy on their website. In addition to their retail operation, there are several brick and mortar Hockey Monkey stores throughout the U.S. and even Europe.

Ice Warehouse

Ice Warehouse offers a wide variety of ice hockey equipment. Their selection includes sticks, skates, protective equipment, goalie equipment, and other items. It’s one-stop shop for hockey players looking to stock up on equipment.

The company has been in business since 1994 and has always been dedicated to providing the best possible shopping experience in its stores and online. Ice Warehouse offers all the great ice hockey brands you know and love, and they have a generous return policy that allows you to buy with confidence.

Discount Hockey

Discount Hockey is a Los Angeles-based retail store with a great online presence. They offer cheap shipping options and 365 day returns to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Discount Hockey has a variety of skates and hockey equipment to choose from and also sell NHL merchandise and even custom jerseys. Finally, they also offer a rewards program where teams can receive big discounts when their combined spend reaches a certain threshold.


Although relatively new to the sporting equipment scene, we love Sideline Swap because it’s a place online for athletes to buy and sell new and used hockey gear. Although the site isn’t dedicated exclusively to hockey, you’ll still find a lot of different hockey-related items to choose from.

Once you sign up on their site, you’ll find the setup very similar to eBay. Sellers have reputation scores and you can either buy an item at the listed price or make a different offer or even chat with the seller. Best of all, SidelineSwap offers buyer protection which guarantees you’ll receive your order or get your money back.

So that’s our list of the best places to buy ice hockey equipment. Where’s your favorite place to get your equipment? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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